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Be Kind Campaign

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When Maine started to open up for business post lockdown due to the pandemic, the state issued guidelines for shopping that included social distancing and requiring customers to where face coverings when inside stores.

The Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce along with the Retail Association of Maine and Maine Grocers and Food Producers of Maine approached NEMA to help with a campaign to support these efforts. All of these organizations were hearing stories from retailers that people were coming into their stores and giving them a difficult time about wearing a mask etc.

After several Zoom meetings, phone calls and research we all collectively as a team came up with the “Be Kind” campaign. We knew the state was launching a campaign to educate folks on the guidelines and we wanted to compliment the educational message with an emotional appeal to everyone’s good nature to respect each other and to just “Be Kind”.

NEMA created the campaign, executed the design and launched the campaign with great success in a very short amount of time.

This campaign was launched via a social media campaign and with a press release that garnered media exposure from almost every major outlet across the state.

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